Please read our puppy contract. We are very selective in our breeding program. We want our dogs to be able to hunt all day and relax with you at night. We usually have one or two litters a year.  To get yourself a pup, email or call. You will need to complete the puppy contract, email it to me or mail it along with your deposit. We will then work out what you are looking for in a dog and match you up with the best pup to meet your needs.

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Litter Announcements


***Breeding's are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and every effort will be made to proceed with the breeding's according to the following litters announcements/planned breeding's. However, if changes are made, contact will be made to the deposit holders with as much notice as possible.***

2023 Breeding's The plan is to Breed Stella her next cycle. Which if she stays on her patterns would have pups on the ground late March, as of right now that is the only breeding planned for 2023, things can always change but that is the plan as of now. The Sire is TBD yet.